Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What's Been Happening in This Corner of Saratoga

What's New From This Corner of Saratoga

It seems like quite a long time since I’ve posted.  At least since I’ve posted a quality post.  I thought I’d catch you all up on what’s been going on in this corner for the last few weeks.   I’ve been planning some pretty interesting things that I think are going to be a lot of fun.  First off many of you know that I write another blog called The Saratoga Traveler which can be found at   For this blog I’ve been planning trips (some food related, but then I again I try to make everything food related) and have taken some trips to write about. I’ve also been working on some recipes for the upcoming Food Network FN Dish’s Summer Fest that will be featuring tomatoes and broccoli.

Travel Plans Old and New

The travel part of my life is pretty busy. Last month we took a long weekend in Hyannis MA and went deep sea fishing, we’ve planned another long weekend in Maine, camping on the beach.  Should make for some interesting recipe posts.  I haven’t tent camped in a very long time and having to come up with meals on the spur of the moment might prove to be a little challenging.  I’m sure one of those meals with include lobster.  This Saturday we’re taking a food tour of Saratoga Springs, featuring goodies at the Farmer’s Market, lunch at a local restaurant called The Olde Bryan Inn and then a walking tour of downtown, stopping at a couple of unique food shops along the way.  I have to say that I’m excited about this one, never took a food tour of a city and this being my new hometown it’s seems fitting that this is my first one. I have plans to create some recipes around the ingredients we find at the Farmer’s Market and the shops.  So stayed tuned.  Later this fall I’ll be taking a class at the CIA in Hyde Park NY.  The class will consist of  some of the favorites of CIA chefs and recipes right from the pages of the Culinary Institute of America’s cookbook.  In a five hour class we will explore starters, entrees and desserts.  Through demonstration and hands-on cooking I’ll be able to pick up some new flavor combinations and techniques.  Sounds to me like the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  
If you’d like more information about any of these trips and activities I’m taking then be sure to come back for a blog post on each. Or if you just can’t wait then here’s some helpful links.

The official website of the Culinary Institute of America.  Even if you're not planning on taking a class this website might just change your mind.  They have campuses in Hyde Park NY (where I'll be going), Greystone CA, San Antonio TX and Singapore 

This is the website for the deep sea fishing fleet we used when we were in Hyannis.  We didn't have any luck but that doesn't mean you won't!  Clean boat, helpful staff.

The website for the motel we stayed in.  A pleasant surprise.  The room was immaculate (and I'm a very picky traveler) with an amazing view of the harbor.

This website explains just what a food tour is and what to expect if you take the one in Saratoga Springs NY.  I think discovering a town or city through it's food is a great way to find some hidden gems that might not be in the tour guides.  You never know, you just meet a chef/owner and get some trade secrets.

This is the website for one of the restaurants that the food tour stops at.  I've eaten there before and yes... it's as good as it looks.

The website for the Saratoga Farmer's Market.  A must see if you're in Saratoga Springs.  I just love it.  People are great and the food is awesome!

The website for the Saratoga Salsa an Spice shop located in Downtown Saratoga Springs on Broadway. Haven't been to this shop, so I'm anxious to see what it's like and try some salsa.  Wonder if it's as good as mine.

Have you ever been on a food tour or taken a class at the CIA?
How far would you travel for a good meal?


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